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by Jack Killion

I have been in several different types of businesses recently and have seen first-hand how silos in their organizations are limiting profitable growth and, as a result, driving their best young talent out the door. Why stay with an organization going nowhere?

In universities silos exist between the faculty and the administrations, among the various study majors, among the various administrative groups. All straining for resources and power.

In professional firms like law and accounting, silos are created among the various locations and among the various practice areas like in CPA firms the audit, tax and advisory groups and in law firms among the litigation, trust & estates and corporate practice area. Again all pushing for resources, power. In too many firms the silos are so rigid that there is very little cross selling going on among the various locations and practice areas.

In manufacturing organizations it is easy to spot silos among the various departments such as engineering vs. sales, manufacturing vs. quality control,  unions vs. management

The Democratic and Republican silos are absolutely stunting America’s profitable growth and convincing many of our most talented people to avoid getting involved in politics and convincing many others that the government can’t be trusted.

Too often the “C” leaders don’t have a clear handle on their organization’s culture that is fostering the silo mentality and crippling their profitable growth and constantly driving expensive turnover higher.

Glassdoor can be a resource for spotting problems when an organization’s rating turn up poorly. Have you looked at your organization’s Glassdoor rating?

PeopleProductive’s  proprietary Talent-OS platform is the interactive tool being adopted by cutting edge leaders to quantify and monitor the 5 most important factors shaping an organizations’ culture and pinpointing the best practices to be shared location to location or department by department and the practices that are stunting the organization’s growth and unique winning ways to deal with these drags on performance.

The PeopleProductive Talent OS platform can be used to analyze and improve the culture and minimize or eliminate the silos within an entire company or division or department or project team and/or between genders or among various levels within an organization.

If silos and a poorly performing culture are dragging on your performance, let’s discuss piloting  the PeopleProductive Talent OS platform. It is a game changer. Click the image below to get started.

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