5 Characteristics Of A Winning Culture


The Rise of the Toxic Handler

The Rise of the Toxic Handler

The ROI Of Employee Retention


Glengarry GlenWrong: Decline of the Toxic Leader


Glengarry Glenwrong; The end of Toxic Leadership

Although Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry GlenRoss made for great cinema, working for Mitch and Murray is what today’s workplace nightmares.

The Workplaces of Tomorrow Are Winning Today

For companies to flourish and become a Workplace of Tomorrow, they must jettison not just their legacy systems and infrastructure, but also their legacy thinking.

How Low EQ Damaged A Negotiation – A True Story


This is a true story that illustrates the importance of staying tuned in to the social dynamic during a negotiation.  Emotions can easily get in the way of a good outcome.  This is real.  All.

We Have Been Taught to Think but Not to Feel

This blog post is excerpted from Chapter 1 of Transforming IT Culture.

The Toxic Handler - Compassion In Action

Empathy and compassion can be clearly seen in the role of the toxic handler. For years as a leader, I would always tell people that one of my jobs was to “be the umbrella, stopping the rain from.

Understanding the 3 dimensions of Leadership Trust

The Gallup organization has been studying what drives employee engagement for over 30 years. From this effort, they have determined that for an employee who does not trust the company’s management,.

The Rehumanization of Work

The Rehumanization of Work

Frank Wander speaks about what occured during the Industrial age, that set us on a path to the modern corporation, where people are as parts.

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