The Power Of Purpose


Go back in time and imagine that you meet two medieval stonemasons hacking away at several boulders.  You ask the first, “What are you doing?” and he answers, “I’m chipping some marble.”  You.

Stop Whining! Yes You Can Change Culture

Co-authored by Steve Stanton and Frank Wander

Networking Like A Connector

8 Critical Benefits Of Empowerment

"Empowerment is the magic wand that turns a frog into a prince.

-Lama S. Bowen

5 Rules To Foster Acceptance


Acceptance is all about accepting every individual for who they are because we are all different.  We look different, act differently, solve problems differently, find different things funny,.

Merging Companies Should Consider Their Cultures Before They Merge

Unleashing Warmth: A Key Leadership Skill of the Digital Age

Co-authored by Steve Stanton and Frank Wander

Warmth Is The Key To Engagement In The Digital Era


Co-authored by Steve Stanton and Frank Wander

7 Things Digital Transformation Leaders Must Do Now


 Co-Authored by Steve Stanton and Frank Wander

Digitization is everywhere.  

Organizations in every sector are rushing to deploy new technologies to automate their processes in reaction to.

Death Of the Corporate Sociopath


and why these productivity killers will die with their companies...

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